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This page contains features that are not implemented yet! Something can change! Blame Robtop, not us.

Update 1.9

Update 1.9 is the biggest update ever made to the game, coming up around the first days of November, probably. It depends by apple speed to confirm the update.

New Features

Two New Levels!

In Update 1.9 there will be 2 new levels, Blast Processing by Waterflame, and Theory of Everything 2 by Dj-Nate

New Game Mode!

In Update 1.9 there will be a whole new game mode, similar to the popular game "Wave wave". This mode has been covered in the first Sneak Peek

New 3D Blocks

In Update 1.9 there will be a new graphical feature. You will be able to use 3D-Shaped decorations in your levels.

Invisible Slopes

Update 1.9 will implement Invisible slopes.

Custom Newgrounds Songs

In Update 1.9 you will be able to use any of the Newgrounds music in your level! This feature probably is the best in the update, and it will open up lots of possibilities for custom levels.

Everyplay To Android

Update 1.9 will include Everyplay support To Android which makes probably android users very happy.

Other Things

In Update 1.9 there will be some new art, a new background (you can see it in the second sneak peek) and new icons, ships, balls and ufos.

Sneak Peeks and Sneak Pics

Geometry Dash Update 1

Geometry Dash Update 1.90 Sneak Peek

The Blast Processing Sneak Peek

Geometry Dash Update 1

Geometry Dash Update 1.90 Sneak Peek 2

Theory of Everything 2 Sneak Peek

  • 3D Blocks
  • Blue portal, new blocks, saws, spikes and new icons
  • First pic
  • Custom newgrounds music
  • Exambles of what can be build with new 3D Blocks
  • The new songs quiz...the first two are blast and processor, and the three are theory everything and 2
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